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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors upholds the Policies and Procedures of the league and operates the Jacksonville Roller Derby business on behalf of all league members. For inquiries, please email:

President: Traumakazi
Vice President: Screaming Needles
Treasurer: Jinx
Secretary: Snack Attack
League Liaison: Sweet Mulisha


Scheduling (ILC): Please direct all scheduling inquiries for New Jax City Rollers, River City Rat Pack and J Villains to

WFTDA Head Rep: Manta Slay can be reached at

Webmaster: Please direct all website inquiries to

Coaching Staff & Officials

Head Coach: Ashes, Ashes
Our Head Coach manages and governs Travel Teams, Home Teams, Coaches, Captains, Transfer Skaters, and Visiting Skaters. For inquiries, please email:

Head Trainer: Harshmallow Scream
Our Training Team ensures league members develop the skills required to pass the WFTDA minimum skills test, the WFTDA written rules test, defensive/offensive skating techniques, skills to officiate or referee sanctioned and/or regulation bouts, and in general the rules of roller derby. For inquiries, please email:

Head Referee: STO Nasty
Our Head Referee upholds all WFTDA processes and practices outlined in the WFTDA Officiating Standardized Practices related to referees. For inquiries, please email:

Head NSO: Electro ShockHer
Our Head Referee upholds all WFTDA processes and practices outlined in the WFTDA Officiating Standardized Practices related to non-skating officials. For inquiries, please email:

Committee Heads

Communications: Savotage
Our Communications Committee handles Social Media, Graphics/Media/Content, and Digital Operations. For inquiries, please email:

Our Communications Committee handles the JRD Street Team, Community Outreach, and Public Appearances. For inquiries, please email:

Our Culture Committee promotes Diversity and Inclusion within our league and surrounding communities. For inquiries, please email:

Business Operations:
Our Business Operations Committee handles Sponsorship, Fundraising, Donations, Merchandise, and Ticket Sales. For inquiries, please email:

Member Operations: enPSYCHOpedia
Our Member Relations Committee handles Member Advocacy and Formal Complaints or Grievances. For inquiries, please email:

Event Operations:
Our Event Operations Committee handles Bout Production, League Event Planning, and Charity Events. For inquiries, please email:

Safety: Tic Tac Toni
Our Safety Committee handles our Safety & Emergency Action Plans and ensures overall safety at all events. For inquiries, please email: