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Become a Ref or Non-Skating Official

Are you interested in joining the team but don’t want to be in the game? Be where the action is! Be a referee!! No experience needed! We will train you and teach you all the rules. Learn how to be a head referee, outside pack ref, inside pack ref, jam ref, and many other referee positions!

E-mail us at jrdbod@gmail.com for more information!

Learn to be:

  • HEAD REFEREE  assigns positions and duties to the other referees and non-skating officials
  • JAMMER REFEREES  responsible for observing Jammers, one per team
  • PACK REFEREES observes the pack and calls penalties

Don’t want to be a skater but still want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers and Officials – on and off skates.  No experience or equipment needed – we will train you!  Just e-mail us at jrdbod@gmail.com for more information!

Some of the NSO (non-skating official) positions:

  • SCOREKEEPERS record the points reported by the Jammer Referees and keep the official score.
  • PENALTY TRACKERS record the penalties reported by referees and keeps track of the official penalty tally.
  • SCOREBOARD OPERATOR posts the score from the scorekeeper and the penalties from the penalty tracker.
  • PENALTY TIMING OFFICIALS oversee the penalty box, time penalties and assist referees in ensuring a team skates short when they ought
  • JAM TIMER responsible for starting jams and for timing thirty seconds between jams. The jam timer is also responsible for ending jams that run the full 2 minutes.