Become a Ref or Non-Skating Official

Are you interested in joining the team but don’t want to be in the game? Be where the action is! Be a referee!! No experience needed! We will train you and teach you all the rules. Learn how to be a head referee, outside pack ref, inside pack ref, jam ref, and many other referee positions!

Email our head referee or come to Mandarin Skate Station on Kori Rd, Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 9pm. Ask for STO Nasty!

Learn to be:

  • HEAD REFEREE  assigns positions and duties to the other referees and non-skating officials
  • JAMMER REFEREES  responsible for observing Jammers, one per team
  • PACK REFEREES observes the pack and calls penalties

Don’t want to be a skater but still want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers and Officials – on and off skates. Just email for more info! No experience or equipment needed – we will train you in!! You can also come to Mandarin Skate Station on Kori Rd, Wednesdays @ 9pm, and ask for Rena “ElectroShockHer”!

Some of the NSO (non-skating official) positions:

  • SCOREKEEPERS record the points reported by the Jammer Referees and keep the official score.
  • PENALTY TRACKERS record the penalties reported by referees and keeps track of the official penalty tally.
  • SCOREBOARD OPERATOR posts the score from the scorekeeper and the penalties from the penalty tracker.
  • PENALTY TIMING OFFICIALS oversee the penalty box, time penalties and assist referees in ensuring a team skates short when they ought
  • JAM TIMER responsible for starting jams and for timing thirty seconds between jams. The jam timer is also responsible for ending jams that run the full 2 minutes.