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Eric the Art Guy

Derby Name: Eric, the art guy. I tried another name. Nothing else fits.

What does your derby name mean to you? I’m Eric. The art guy.

What do you do for the, er, moving on–

When did you start volunteering for JRG? : After the April or May 2012 bout. I was a crazy fan. Someone said those really weren’t professional floor people pulling up the temporary skate floor, so I jumped in when no one was looking. Johnny said I looked enthusiastic. He gave me some pointers, so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

That’s not art. : It’s performance art. I’ve seen one skater tear through a row of tile like she jams through a tight pack of blockers. Interpretive expressionistic floor-pulling. If we add music, we could put on a show. A floor show.

Ugh. I mean, when did you start volunteering officially? : Well, I think it was that June when JRG hosted the WFTDA officials training. There were refs and nonskating officials from all over the south. I showed up as just a fan. I learned stuff, and now I volunteer as an NSO. Just by helping, I get the absolutely best place to watch derby. I luck out.

That’s not art. : Okay, so you don’t like my NSO dance inside the track.

You call that dancing? I thought you were trying to adjust yourself. : Can I go now?

What’s your favorite dance move? When you put your left leg in and shake it all about? : Aren’t you supposed to be asking deep, thoughtful questions, like what my favorite after party drink is?

Are you buying? : Are we done here?

When did you officially start volunteering, with art, officially official for JRG? :  I became an official JRG art volunteer December 2012. I was just a fan helping out, art wise, since the July 2012 flyer.

And, that wraps it up. : That’s it? My name, and when I joined the league?

What’s your favorite wheel? : I don’t know. I don’t skate. The pretty green ones.

Aaaand that wraps it up. :  Hey, I have interesting factoids.

Save them for the after party, champ. Now, about that drink?

Team of the Month

Team of the Month

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 Volunteer of the Month: Mysty Joseph

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